Dmitrijs Gaitjukevičs

Dmitri Gaityukevich is a graduate of the Riga Choreography High School and the Choreography Department of the Latvian Culture Academy and is currently a scenography student at the Art Academy of Latvia. Dmitri has participated in masterclasses in Greece, Hungary, Spain, the United States, Ukraine, Russia, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. He has collaborated with the Belgian choreographer Koen Augustijnen (Ballet C de la B), contact Gonzo, the Slovenian choreographer Branko Potochan in the project Männersache and other renowned choreographers. Dmitri is a methodologist of contemporary dance, director of a course, and teacher in the Contemporary Dance Program of the Riga Choreography School, which is a branch of the National High School for the Arts. Since 2007 he is also teaching contemporary dance for the group RITMS. Dmitri has worked for the Olga Zhitlukhina dance company and company Provincial Dances of Yekaterinburg; he has participated in the performance After Engagement, which received the Golden Mask Award (2008) and has collaborated with the Stellaris Dance Theater in Norway. He is also one of the organizers of Riga/ ON International Master Workshop of Contemporary Dance and member of the Latvian Dance Information Center. Dmitri has performed in New York, Ireland, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, and elsewhere. For the performances Inside (2012/2013) and Atgriešanās (Return; 2015/2016, chor. Elīna Gaitjukeviča) he received the Spēlmaņu Nakts award for Achievement of the Year in Contemporary Dance.


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