Vincent Lemaire

Vincent Lemaire is a Belgian artist who has designed sets for theater, dance and opera for several renowned directors and choreographers. He is very in demand on the FrancoBelgian theatre scene and has collaborated on more than 150 productions. Additionally, his work for opera is often featured on many international stages: Aix-en-Provence, Antwerp, Berlin, Brussels, Essen, Gent, Halle, Hamburg, Innsbrück, Liège, Marseille, München, Salzburg, San Francisco, Seoul, St. Gallen, Stockholm, Strasbourg, Tokyo, Toulouse, Vilnius, Wien, among others. Vincent Lemaire has led the scenography class at Arts Square in Mons since 2013. In Liège, together with the architect Daniel Dethier, he renovated the Fonck Manège to be used as a theatre. Vincent Lemaire has received the Theater Prize, awarded by the French Community of Belgium, several times.


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