Fabián Augusto Gómez Bohórquez

Actor-creator FABIÁN AUGUSTO GÓMEZ BOHÓRQUEZ began his training in acting and dramaturgy in the workshops of the "TPB" Teatro Popular de Bogotá, the Corporación Colombiana de Teatro and La Casa del Teatro Nacional. In 1994 he joined the company "Teatro Estudio" of the National University of Colombia, directed by Fabio Rubiano Orjuela. In 2005 he was part of the company Medea 73, participating in six productions and as a monitor of the SCREAM Programme Supporting Children's Rights through Education, the Arts and the Media, of the UN International Labour Office in Spain. In 2011 she joined the company Atra Bilis Teatro, directed by Angélica Liddell, participating in six of its productions. She currently shares time and experience in the most recent productions of directors such as Claus Guth, María Velasco González and Julio Provencio.


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