Imants Kalniņš

IMANTS KALNIŅŠ  is a Latvian composer whose artistic output ranges from academic music to rock. He has composed symphonies and vocal music, chamber and choir pieces, as well as scores for theater and films. A graduate (1964) from the Faculty of Composition and Music Theory of the Latvian State Conservatory, Kalniņš is the author of the operas Spēlēju, dancoju (I Played, I Danced) (1977), Ifigēnija Aulīdā (Iphigenia in Aulis) (1982), Matīss - kausu bajārs (Matīss, the King of Brimmers) (2001), the rock opera Ei, jūs tur (Hey You) (1971), oratorios Oktobra oratorija (October Oratorio) (1967), Dzejnieks un nāra (The Poet and the Mermaid) (1973), Rīta cēliens (Morning) (1977) and others, as well as of several cantatas. In 1985 he formed the rock group Turaidas Roze. Many compositions by this Latvian legend have become hugely popular. Every year a festival of Kalniņš’s music, Imantdienas, takes place (1976-1982, resumed in 1995). He was the recipient of the Grand Music Award (1997) for the premiere of the original version of his Fourth Symphony and the series of songs with lyrics from Ainars Mielavs poems Par lietām, kuras tā ar’ nekad nepāriet (On Things That One Does Not Get Over) (1997), the Order of the Three Stars (1998), as well as the Cross of Recognition (2008).


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