Alexander Rodin


The award-winning Ukrainian composer and pianist ALEXANDER RODIN (1975) graduated from The Odessa National A. V. Nezhdanova Academy of Music in 2001. Since 2005, he’s been a member of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine. The premiere of Rodin’s opera Kateryna received the award for the Opera Company of the Year at the 2022 International Opera Awards, bringing success to the Odessa Opera House.

The composer’s style can tentatively be described as neo-academic. In his music, Rodin shows a tendency to imitate the established canons of academic music whilst combining them with the modern musical “vocabulary” of the 21st century. His music is characterised by the paradoxical combination of pure harmony and dissonance; lyrical and dramatic moments; melodism and aleatoricism; impressionism and expressionism.

The composer’s creative output spans a number of genres: symphonic, choral, chamber, and instrumental music, as well as ballet and opera. His most significant works include the opera Kateryna; Requiem for symphonic orchestra, choir and soloists; The Seven Last Words of Jesus on the Cross for symphonic orchestra; the symphonic cycle The Flea Market; Stabat Mater for soprano, mezzo-soprano and string orchestra; Love Death – a cantata based on a poem by Charles Baudelaire for soprano and symphony orchestra; as well as Violin Concerto. He has also composed music for the ballets Aladdin, Seasons of the Year, Up the River and Viy.


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