Tickets to the performances and concerts in May available from February 22

Tickets to the performances and special events of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet in May will be available for sale from Tuesday, February 22. Repertoire includes also the premiere of a new production of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's opera “Don Giovanni”, a recital by Austrian bass Günter Groisböck and an evening of classical and contemporary ballet "Possible…".

The final premiere of this Latvian National Opera and Ballet’s season, the opera “Don Giovanni” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, will take place on May 19. The new production will be directed by Marcelo Lombardero, known to Latvian audiences for his production of “Le Nozze di Figaro” in 2014. Music director and conductor of the production will be Alessandro De Marchi. In the hands of the creative team, “Don Giovanni” has become an ironic and dark comedy.

On May 18, the classical and contemporary ballet evening “Possible…” will take place for the tenth time in the New Hall of the Latvian National Opera, showcasing the young choreographers and dancers. But Günther Groissböck, currently one of the world’s most outstanding bass singers, will give his first ever solo performance in Latvia on May 31.  Accompanied by pianist Alexandra Goloubitskaia, he will sing in the Great Hall of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, with the iron curtain down, which will provide unique acoustics for the performance of chamber music. 

Tickets available for purchase at the box offices of LNO and “Biļešu paradise”, as well as online.